Company History

Baltimore Potomac Truck Centers operates five full-service commercial truck dealership locations throughout Maryland and Virginia, featuring franchise locations for Mack, Volvo, and Hino Trucks.

The corporation, founded in 1973, is third generation family owned and operated. At its inception it was a single location Mack truck dealership in downtown Baltimore (which later moved to its current location in Linthicum, MD). Over the years the footprint has expanded to the Washington, DC market, and Potomac Mack Sales & Service was established as the second location in 1982. The reach has since expanded even further to include locations in Hagerstown, MD and Gainesville, VA, as well as a second facility in Linthicum, MD dedicated to the Volvo truck brand. Our portfolio has also grown, and now includes franchises for Volvo and Hino trucks at many of our locations.

In 2014, the Baltimore Potomac Truck Centers was formed as a holding company to coordinate the management and operations of all locations with a singular approach. Subsequently, the dealerships were renamed to either Baltimore Truck Center or Potomac Truck Center.

Also in 2014, a new division was formed as Potomac Truck Leasing, which serves as our dealer-owned truck leasing and rental company.

Baltimore Potomac Truck Centers takes great pride in the people in our organization and the customers that we serve. We hope that you will consider becoming our business partner in the commercial truck industry.

Baltimore Potomac Logo

Baltimore Potomac Truck Centers is our group identity, encompassing all of our dealership locations and our truck leasing company.

Baltimore Truck Logo

Baltimore Truck Center has three locations throughout Baltimore and western Maryland.

Potomac Truck Logo

Potomac Truck Center has two locations throughout Washington, DC and northern Virginia.

Potomac Leasing Logo

Potomac Truck Leasing is our full-service leasing and rental company, offering a variety of leasing options, plus short term and long term rentals.

  • Founded

    Founded Baltimore Mack Trucks, Inc, single location Mack dealership in Baltimore


  • Mack Trucks

    Expanded with the acquisition of Potomac Mack Sales & Service serving the Washington DC market


  • Awarded

    Potomac Mack Sales & Service is awarded Mack US Distributor of the Year


  • Volvo Trucks

    Became a Volvo Trucks licensed dealership and expanded with dedicated Volvo Trucks facility in Linthicum, MD adjacent to Mack dealership


  • Expanded

    Expanded by establishing a new location in Gainesville, VA


  • Expanded

    Expanded with Volvo Trucks to include both Hyattsville, MD location


  • Expanded

    Purchased Mack dealership in Hagerstown, MD, Interstate Truck Equipment, and renamed to Baltimore Truck Center – Hagerstown Division


  • Hino Trucks

    Became a licensed Hino Trucks dealer in our Linthicum, MD location


  • Hino Trucks

    Expanded with Volvo Trucks again to include Gainesville, VA location


  • Expanded

    Expanded with Hino to include franchises in Hagerstown, MD and Gainesville, VA


  • Leasing & Rentals

    Formed Potomac Truck Leasing, LCC offering lease and rental services


  • BP Truck Centers

    Reorganized under Baltimore Potomac Truck Centers, Inc. Locations renamed to Baltimore Truck Center and Potomac Truck Center divisions