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Mack Titan

Titan by Mack is a feat of engineering.

Titan boasts Mack’s largest ever engine, the MP10, built for heavy transport applications.The MP10 delivers up to 605 horsepower and best-in-class torque ratings of 2,060 lb-ft. at 1,200 RPMs. And it does so efficiently. The MP10 engine combines intelligent fuel injectors, sophisticated software and improved air management systems for optimal fuel efficiency.

The Mack Titan was built to take a pounding. It features a high-capacity cooling package for handling heavy loads, responsive 575 braking power and a frame with maximum ground clearance for rough terrain. 30,000-mile oil drain intervals and hassle-free servicing protects your engine, while the Co-Pilot™ keeps you informed on the inner workings of your truck so you face less downtime.

But it doesn’t end there. Power gives way to style with the dominant chrome grille, Rawhide Edition interior and elevated seat position. Titan by Mack’s cab was designed to keep you comfortable even while your truck is moving mountains. Dramatic noise reduction keeps the cab just as silent as your car, and overhead bins offer convenient storage for the things you need to keep your engine running. Raised pedals are mounted in-line and air-assisted to make operating the truck easier, and even the steering column adjusts for increased comfort.

All those details matter. Because drivers of this truck aren’t just hauling heavy transport; they’re carrying pride.


Mack Titan

High-capacity cooling package for handling heavy loads,Responsive 575 braking power,Titan’s chassis gives maximum ground clearance, MP10 engine, Mack’s most powerful engine


Mack Titan

We know it’s important to move your heaviest hauls with optimal efficiency. The MP10 engine achieves exceptional fuel economy while the Co-Pilot™ provides consistent maintenance updates.


Mack Titan

To haul heavy transport, you need a heavy-duty truck, and Titan by Mack delivers. When it comes to Mack engines, Titan’s MP10 is in a league of its own offering the most impressive performance possible. Whatever the application, Titan has the strength to power through it.


Mack Titan

Titan by Mack has the power to outperform your most demanding jobs.



Mack Titan

This Mack bears the muscle needed for mining. And with its chrome stylings and dominant grille, it’ll draw more awe-inspiring stares than anything pulled from the jobsite.

Oversized Hauling

Mack Titan

The Titan’s massive power and high driving position provide the ultimate platform needed to transport your most oversized hauls.

Heavy Equipment

Mack Titan

This modern-day workhorse delivers the superior torque needed for hefty loads.

Oil Field

Mack Titan

Designed for the rigors of the oil patch, and tested and retested to be reliable and durable enough while hauling rigs, water and all the heavy equipment needed for oil field jobsites.

Severe, Heavy Haul

Mack Titan

Titan’s 16-liter MP10 engine delivers the attitude and performance required for the heaviest of heavy hauls.


Mack Titan

Provides the power to pull a heavy logging load with the durability of the Mack® Cornerstone™ chassis to handle the rugged terrain.